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Customer Comments

 "Dear Sir;

I would like to say that we were thrilled with the result of the water tests we took using your wind-powered aerator.  We made a Secchi disk to test the clarity of the water.  On 8-18-08, we tested the water and could only see down 1' 6".  On 10-10-08, we made another test and the clarity measured 3' 11" and the green moss was reduced by a large amount."

- Stwart K., South Dakota


"To give you some of the history: we installed your Turbo unit as an experiment to see if aeration to our finished water storage tank would lower the THM formation that takes place during the summer months of the year. So far the test data have shown excellent reductions but another year of test results will be necessary to really confirm our findings.

One other positive side benefit is no ice was found in our above ground 500,000 gallon steel storage tank. We believe this side benefit will add years of service to the storage tank which is very cost effective to the overall operation of the Water District."


-Keith, Fort Collins, CO



Dan, I purchased the Magnum almost 2 years ago and am very happy with what it has done for our 7 acre pond. The pond was over grown with weeds and pond scum.The aerator helped reduce that and also saved our fish from winter kill, we would have thousands of dead fish every spring to no visible dead fish in the spring using this aerator.My main reason for contacting you is I wanted to thank you for your help in repairing my aerator. The replacement swivel bearing works good, now the aerator turns in the wind as it should. What a differance it made in the pond when the aerator wasnt running as it should. The weeds took over quite fast but getting the best of them now Thanks again!The new style aerator looks to be a big improvement over a already great unit i will have to upgrade or add that one to the pond in the future!!! Dan


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