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Garden Pond Aerator
Urban Aquaculture Solutions

The Garden Pond Aerator

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The Garden Pond Aerator is the latest in our series of wind-powered aerators.  We have added color to a reduced size for Urban PondsEach unit runs whisper-quiet while aerating your pond - keeping your water clean, clear and odor free.


Environmentally Friendly Solutions

  • Total Re-Circulation
  • Removal of Toxic Gases
  • Organic Sediment Reduction
  • Eliminates Odors
  • Reduces Weeds and Algae
  • Greatly Improves Water Clarity
  • Larger / Healthier Fish
  • Keeps Ice Open - No Fish Kill
  • Safe Operation
  • Economical to Operate and Maintain
  • Installs in Minutes
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Compressor Features

  • Oil-less Operation
  • Permanently Lubricated Bearings
  • Stainless Steel Valves
  • Aluminum Valve Plates
  • Lightweight Diecast Aluminum Components
  • Balanced for Smooth, Low Vibration Operation
  • All Wetted Aluminum Parts Treated for Corrosion Protection from Moisture
  • All Other Wetted Parts Stainless Steel
  • Long-Life Diaphragm
  • Intake Filter
  • Up to 0.75 cfm and 20 psi




Other Features

  • 26 Inch 8-Blade Laser Cut Prop
  • Optional Six Foot Schedule 40 Aluminum Mounting Pole with Ground Bracket
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Colorful Design That Will be a Centerpiece of any Pond
  • 25 Feet of High-strength Sinking Hose with Stone Diffuser

Each Garden Pond Aerator Kit Contains

  • 26 Inch Powder Coated Aluminum Prop
  • Diaphragm Compressor Rated Up to 0.75 Cubic Feet per Minute
  • Laser Cut Boom and Tail

For a Nominal Price, Add the Ground Mounting Bracket , Powder Coated Pole and diffuser kit.

This system is new from Aire-Dynamics, the industry leaders in backyard pond and garden pond aeration.  Be the first person in your neighborhood to own the most comtemporary green solution for aerating your urban pond.

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