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Aire Dynamics Pond Diffusers

The diffuser is the last and most important part of your Pond Aeration System.  The two most critical components of aeration are:  1. Bubble Surface Area and 2.  Time.  This just means that you want the smallest air bubble possible for increased surface area  and you want the bubble to spend as much time submerged below the water.  Time in the water just means that deeper is better.  Depth, however, is a tradeoff as the deeper the diffuser is placed in the water, the more difficult it will be to start your wind aerator as the torque of the blades must overcome the pressure in the lines before the system starts to operate.

Aire Dynamic's new fine bubble diffusers are the state of the art solution for gettting life supporting dissolved oxygen into your pond.  Our Fine Bubble Diffuser is rated at the highest possible oxygen transfer efficiency with the lowest possible head loss as independently tested by ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers).  Our diffusers come "Pond Ready".   Just drop it in and start it up!!!


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Aire Dynamics 9 Inch Fine Bubble Diffusers

4 Inch Course Bubble Aerator