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Windmill Aerators

New for 2013!!  Self Furling Design!!  Aire-Dynamics has made numerous improvements for increase compressor life and performance - both at low and high wind speeds.  We have:

  • Increased the turbine diameter, which increases torque and adds to turbine surface area for improved performance.  
  • Added self-furling capability. This protects the aerator from damage in high winds and adds life to the pistons and seals. 
  • Doubled the surface area of the tail for improved turning capablity in low wind speeds.
  • Added high pressure tubing on the compressor assembly for improved performance under high pressures and flow rates. 
  • Completely re-designed the yaw bearing to offer much less frictional resistance and longer life.
  • Increase standard length on sinking hose from 80 to 100 feet. 
  • Nine inch fine bubble diffuser now ships standard.  Fine-bubble diffuser offers the maximum oxygen transfer efficiency for your pond.



Click here to see the video of the upgraded design!!




Aire-Dynamics manufactures a dual piston windmill aeration unit. This can operate at 100 psi! Kit includes turbine assembly with compressor, 100 feet of sinking hose and nine inch fine bubble diffuser.  Components assemble in less than 30 minutes and can be mounted on a threaded 2 inch, schedule 40 galvanized steel pipe.  A ground mounting bracket (tilt tower anchor) can be purchased separately, and is highly recommended, from the Aire-Dynamics accessory store. The 2 inch galvanized poles can be purchased at any home supply store. 

Our windmill aerators have been used in various pond aeration applications ranging from backyard ponds to commercial fish farm applications.

Aire-Force III
Garden Pond Aerator
Orig.: $349.00
Sale: $325.00